Measured Surveys

What is a Measured Survey?

Measured Surveys are an accurate record of property; structures or land as they exist at the time the survey was undertaken. They are the result of direct measurements on site and are usually delivered in 2D or 3D digital formats. There is increasing recognition that measured surveys have an additional role to play in the establishment and maintenance of estate and building information systems.  

Key Benefits:

• Plans of any building can be produced in AutoCAD or PDF format.
• As much information can be picked up depending what the clients wants
• Any drawing can be easily amended

All surveys are compliant with the submission requirements of Local Planning Authorities, the Land Registry and for licensed premises as required by the Licensing Act 2003.

Typical Services Offered:

 Products include Floor Plans, Building Elevations, Building Sections, Topological Surveys, Roof Plans and Reflective Plans

Floor Plans are produced to any requested scale with data supplied in hard or soft copy (AutoCad DWG/PDF). Our surveys meet the requirements of Architects and Designers. Details can be basic dimensions to fully detailed surveys.

Building Elevations can range from the basic outline to a highly detailed survey showing cornices and brickwork patterns.

Building Sections can be produced for any building or digital terrain model.

Topological Surveys are required for housing developments, landscaping, mapping and boundaries. They are prepared at all scales, with level and contour information as required. Drainage and service details can also be supplied from Local Authority records.

Roof Plans and Reflective Plans are often requested for commercial premises. These are used to identify service locations, lighting equipment and suspended ceiling design.

How Can Simply Think UK Help?

Here at Simply Think UK we provide Measured Building Surveys for both large and small clients. Our Nationwide team of surveyors are standing by to help.


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