Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment - Overview

Each year people die or are seriously injured as a result of fires at work. Besides loss of life, fire costs UK business millions of pounds, from damage to property, loss of business, fines, compensation claims and insurance premiums.

Many fires can be avoided by taking fire precautions. If a fire does break out, the effects can be minimised by having effective controls and procedures in place.

New Legislation:

Fire safety law changed in October 2006 with the introduction of the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. The requirement for businesses to have fire certificates has been abolished and any previously held are no longer valid. Instead the law emphasises preventing fires and reducing risks. The law makes it your responsibility to ensure the safety of everyone who uses your premises.

Does It Apply To Me?

• If you are an employer, self-employed (with business premises), voluntary organisation or have controls over any premise then yes the fire regulations apply to you.
• If you employ five or more people, own licensed premises or have an alterations notice in force, you must keep a hard copy of your fire risk assessment present on the premises and available for inspection at all times.
• From October 1st 2006 Fire Certificates will no longer be valid and enforcement of the new regulations is likely o become more comprehensive.
• As an employer you are directly responsible for ensuring that you comply with these regulations.
• You may have received the Government Fire Safety Law Brochure. Simply ticking the boxes without any follow up action will not ensure that you are compliant with the legislation.

What Will Happen if I Don't Have a Fire Risk Assessment?

Your business has to have a fire risk assessment by law; the punishment for not having one is severe BUT worse than that by not having one you are putting everyone in your business at risk. And if that weren’t enough it would very doubtful that you’re insurance would pay out in the event of a fire. The consequences of that are unthinkable. What ever you decide, don’t just do anything!

How Do I Know If I Am Compliant?

A fire risk assessment is a legal requirement for most UK businesses. A fire risk is a written document and is substantially more than just a record of fire extinguishers testing etc. 





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