Acoustic Tests

Recent changes to the Building Regulations part E have led to Acoustic tests/Sound insulation testing becoming mandatory in most cases throughout new residential developments and conversions.

To gain the necessary compliance with Building Control you must fist provide the necessary Sound test certificate to demonstrate the buildings compliance.

Under Part E of the Buildings Regulations, a sample of units in new dwelling developments and refurbishments may have to be tested to demonstrate levels of sound insulation. This has now been extended to new schools and buildings where sound can be an issue such as hotels and nightclubs.

Using the latest equipment it is now possible to establish that sound insulation standards are being met for both airborne speech and impact noise under Part E Regulations.

Some of the Acoustic Noise Surveys available

• Construction
• Industrial
• Air conditioning
• Background
• Transportation
• Wind farm
• Entertaining
• Noise at work
• Noise nuisance
• Petro chemical
• Irrigation pump
• New development

Does Your Development Need To Be Sound Tested?

Since July 2003 pre completion sound testing under part E has been a mandatory requirement. All new build properties and conversions, which were built or converted after this date, require 10% of each party wall/floor construction type to be tested. Sound testing is to be carried out between pairs of rooms separated by party walls or floors. That having been said a greater percentage is required when complying with Eco homes standard. In most cases the rooms to be sound tested will be the two main habitable rooms which would be living rooms and bedrooms. 

In order to comply with the current sound insulation performance of Approved Document E the current Building Regulations, it is highly recommended that you employ the services of an Acoustic Consultancy.

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